Message from PDU

It’s been a long time since I first had the excitement of releasing a departmental bulletin. For some of us, The MLD Bulletin, “We, Together” has been a place for writing and producing ideas, for some others it meant pages to shuffle and see if there is something interesting. Either way, it has been some space for us to get together. And “togetherness” is what we need the most these days.

As the editor of the bulletin board, I get emotional as this term will be its last term unless some other colleague of mine is willing to be the new editor of the bulletin. I would be more than happy to transfer the board to its new editor and to share whatever experience I’ve had on this long journey. Anyway, this is not a farewell text; I’m saving my words for the final issue.

So, what do we have on the bulletin board? I had a hard time finding a columnist for this issue and dear Martha Lina Jurkunas has kindly lent a hand. She’s been teaching in our department for one term now, and we don’t know what she’s been going through in Turkey. I know that she was surprised at a question once asked by one of her students: “Why she ever wanted to come to Turkey”. I know she has a lot to tell and now the page is hers. Thank you, my dear Californian friend, for accepting to write for the bulletin.

Can you think of a more beautiful and more creative analogy than the one between “teaching” and “a cup of Turkish coffee”? Our 5Q5A page resident dear Nilgün Demirok has come up with this beautiful idea when asked for her teaching metaphor! She goes on to explain it as “[w]hen you think of Turkish coffee, you think of all sorts of associations like sharing, friendship, companionship, energy and so on”. How true! Thank you, dear Nilgün, for your interesting interview responses. We should get together to drink “a cup of Turkish coffee” one day 🙂

And another person whom I have to thank is, definitely, dear Alessandra. She is back on her column “From a Teacher”. For this issue, she shares with us an article she wrote for her Ph.D. studies. Dear Alessandra, you are teaching and also doing a Ph.D. and still sending a case study to me. I don’t know how to thank you!

Another great contribution is by Deniz Şallı Çopur! I want to have “a piece of conversation” with her some time about how she achieves to find such interesting topics to discuss with such valuable people. Dear Deniz Şallı Çopur, on her “Conversation Pieces”, hosts a colleague from University of Reading (UK), Erhan Aslan. Thank you, Deniz and Erhan Aslan for joining us in your conversation…

MLD Talks is approaching!! In my final term, my biggest dream is to organize a fruitful and joyful event for my colleagues. The abstract submission deadline is May 10, 2019. I have surprises. Stay tuned!

Speaking of our mini-conference, I thought you might like to read an article on “Turkish ELT professionals’ conference attendance motives”. You can read the full-text version of the article on the “Article Page”. It is about “why” we attend the conferences and “what” we “take back home”. My colleagues in the department will hopefully attend the 7thMLD Talks to get refreshed, get motivated, to support the speakers and to “be together” and will, hopefully, “take back home” some joy, motivation, an update of some ELT-related issues and apples!! 🙂

On the “Activity Page”, there is a speaking activity I got from the British Council website. It is easier to adapt to any classroom. The idea is simple but good enough to cause a lot of noise in the classroom. Unlike primary school teachers, we like noise, don’t we?

So for speaking ideas, you can visit the activity page. For a reading-related idea, you can visit the “Web Tool” page where I tried to introduce “Rewordify”, a useful tool that aims to ease student reading and comprehension. I haven’t tried using the tool but I thought it might be worth trying. So check it out if you are interested.

Besides all this, the photo gallery, the events calendar are updated, too.

I hope you’ll enjoy this new issue. Thank you!

Warm wishes,

Elif Şeşen