Message from PDU

Tough times of the year…Stacks of paper to be graded…Hours of attentive listening to be given for student presentations…Class hours left to be calculated…It is the time when we, as teachers, need to be multi-tasking and hard-working to keep things under control. Yet, we can always find the chance to see what our colleagues have to share with us. PDU proudly presents the end-of-term issue of our bulletin board. This issue could be possible with the deliberate effort of our colleagues…Thank you!

Most of you should have heard about the busy schedule our admin team has had due to the planning and documentation requirements of YÖK’s External Evaluation and Strategic Planning Processes. Gökçe Vanlı, our department chair, wrote for the columnist page to inform our colleagues about this process on top of her rush during this hectic time. Thank you Gökçe, for telling us about this important event on MLD Bulletin board.

For a more personal reflective page, our followers know which page to visit. Definitely, Alessandra’s! Dear Alessandra Nicolosi, again, found the time to write for the bulletin on an essential concept “Blended Learning”. At a time when we all feel the need to spend our valuable class hours more efficiently, blended learning opportunities are there to help us save time. Thank you, Alessandra!

“Teaching is my life!” Whose words are they? They belong to a very nice colleague of ours who was kind enough to accept PDU’s invitation for the 5Q5A page at the very last minute. Dear Sevda Akman; therefore, is the host of our mini-interview page. Thank you Sevda for preventing the page from going blank this month!

If you were to describe your profession with only one word, what would it be? Would you go for the word “dedication”? Dedication, is, definitely, a word which one can associate with teaching more than with any other profession. And on this blog site where we unite as dedicated teachers, it is just very satisfying to see a page reserved for some valuable discussion on “dedication”. Dear Deniz Şallı Çopur, on her “Conversation Pieces”, hosts a colleague from New York, Özge Yol. Thank you Deniz and dear Özge Yol for joining us in your conversation…

Besides these beautiful posts, please also stop by and see what we, as PDU, have to offer on other pages of “We, Together.”

There is someone who looks for a game-o.
And “BINGO” can be its name-o.
B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O
And “BINGO” is its name-o!

If you are searching for an exciting speaking idea, please visit the Activity Page where we recommend “Discussion Bingo”! The description to the activity is explained to you, and the materials are attached to the page.

For another practical idea, please visit the “Web Tool” page to see information about “Grammarly”. As we are devoid of the ETZ rater on Turnitin, we may now consider suggesting a tool to our students to help them with their grammar. Off the record: This may also help us save ourselves from giving language feedback! Yeeeey!!

Other very rewarding pages are, undoubtedly, “From our Classrooms” and “From our Students”. Please don’t turn off your computers before visiting these two pages. The former welcomes you with a nice classroom idea whereas the latter hosts one of our (dear Gonca Gülen’s) students sharing his experience with MLD courses. There is always room for both teacher’s and student’s voice on our bulletin board. That’s the very reason why we named it “We, Together.”

Do you, still, have time for an interesting article? Please see the article page if you do. Nicole Matos (2017) in The Chronicle of Higher Education highlights essential criteria for better engagement of students, which, we believe, will make you think and reflect on your teaching.

And finally, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We wish the best of everything to our colleagues and hope to see you next term with new posts…Please contact PDU for any kind of feedback or for reserving your own page on the bulletin board 🙂

Thank you…