Message from PDU

 “We, together!” is welcoming the new term with a new issue, which is again collaboratively produced with the help of you. I’d like to thank all our contributors, who have meticulously worked on their pages.

We have always been proud to have created a platform where our colleagues can post texts reflecting their own colors. This issue is no exception. We are happy to host our former Chairperson, dear Aylin Graves as our columnist.  We all hear about the wonderful comments students make about her new elective course and now we have the chance to hear the story from her. Thank you very much Aylin hocam for giving inspiration to many prospective writers and for sharing this story on our bulletin board!

The 5Q5A page has definitely been a tool making it easier to know more about each other and thus has been one of the popular pages. The page will get even more popular this time as it hosts the most handsome tennis player on the campus!! Thank you very much, dear Serkan Algan for being so kind to contribute for this issue!

Who else can voluntarily find the time to write for the bulletin board at this time of the year? Dear Alessandra Nicolosi, definitely! She is writing on her “From a Teacher” page the 3rd part of her reflections regarding blended learning experience. This bulletin has shown all of us that she is not only a very innovative teacher but also a very loyal friend! Thank you, Alessandra!

I’d also like to extend my sincerest thanks to another permanent writer of the bulletin board, dear Deniz Şallı Çopur. On her “Conversation Pieces”, dear Deniz hosts Yasemin Tezgiden-Cakcak and shares with their readers their conversation on “Critical Pedagogy”. As the editor, I also like to welcome dear Yasemin Tezgiden-Cakcak on the blog and thank her for being a part of this collaborative activity.

The vocabulary session we held at the beginning of the term hopefully activated our imagination about what we can do to recycle vocabulary in class. This issue of “We, Together” will store some of the material from that session for future reference. The “Web Tool” page is one of the pages created with the session content. I have posted the slides about online vocabulary applications as PDF documents on the “Web Tool” page. I’d like to thank again my dear friends, dear Burçin Hasanbaşoğlu and Gonca Gülen who have lent a helping hand in preparing the vocabulary session by exploring some online vocabulary applications that we can advise to our students. Thank you, dear Burçin and Gonca. I love you to the moon and back 🙂

Another page where we see a lot of practical ideas would definitely be the “Activity Page”. I’m proud to share with you the compilation of all the vocabulary activities you suggested in the workshop. Thank you!! It’s great to see that “We, Together” has come up with a long activity list that we can use to recycle vocabulary. Your contribution is much appreciated! Thank you!

If you are now searching for more theory, you may want to check the “Article Page” where I have posted two articles on vocabulary.

Those of you who still have time to read can visit the “Results of the Mini Survey” to see the full list of responses regarding the MLD instructors’ philosophies on teaching vocabulary.

Before I go… the photo gallery has been updated, too. Seher hocam! Thank you!

And finally, I wish everyone a happy new term!

Warm wishes,

Elif Şeşen




6 thoughts on “Message from PDU

  1. i knew that she is talented and askillful personality but i did not knowthat she is also talented in drawing. welldone and well expressed selin!!


    1. Our “mysterious fan” is no longer mysterious but so kind as always..Thank you Aysem inspiring “you” are! Hope you enjoy every page…


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