Message from PDU

 “Even if one does not sometimes read it thoroughly, just a glimpse at pages brings us ‘together’” … “a tool for learning, sharing, getting inspired, and ‘belonging’” … “It represents the culture of our department!”…“A platform for sharing ideas” These are some of the responses we’ve received from the PDU survey. Thank you…Although we’ve received complaints about lack of time for reading the pages as well, seeing such positive comments gave us the strength to continue. Thank you.

We have always been proud to have created a platform where our colleagues can post texts of their own taste. Indeed, “We, Together”, has always reflected the colors of their writers. This issue is no exception. We are happy to host dear Esin Korkut Savul as one of our columnists who shares with you a literary analysis on one of Charlie Chaplin’s films “A Woman of Paris”. Thank you, dear Esin!

So, Esin will travel you back in time but soon after dear Hale Kızılcık will bring you back to present 🙂 On the same page, dear Hale presents her report about our students’ expectations from the MLD courses to be offered in the next semesters. Hosting two valuable sharings, we expect from this page high ratings! Thank you, Hale, for always keeping us in mind…

Many people have lent a helping hand in creating this final issue of the term. Dear Duygu Güntek is one of them. She is such a “collaborator”! She has kindly accepted to answer our interview questions. It is great to see you here on the bulletin board dear Duygu. Thank you!

No appreciation word would describe how grateful we feel when a former writer volunteers again! Dear Buket Tarakçıoğlu, on this issue, boosts the Web Tool page! For a very useful tech idea, please visit the Web Tool page. Thank you Buket! It’s good to see you again !

While we have been discussing the merits of “Blended Learning”, dear Alessandra has shifted her classes to such format for quite some time. This is the 2nd part of her reflections regarding “Blended Learning”. With every issue, we see we have a lot to learn from her eagerness. Dear Alessandra, thank you!

PDU was also very actively involved in the creation of this April-May issue. The activity page where we introduce a new debate format, “From Our Classrooms” page where we remind you of the use of Kahoot, the “Article” and the “Action Research” pages where you can do some reading,  the survey results page where we have analyzed MLD attitudes towards the bulletin board are also good alternatives for doing some thinking.

We hope you will like surfing on the “board”! And now that this is the final issue this term, we should say “bye” for some time… Thank you!

Warm wishes,

Elif & Burçin,