Message from PDU


 And so begins a new term… We are lucky to have a job with so many endings and beginnings. Each ending gives us a chance to reflect on what we have finished and recharge for the new challenges of the new term. Each beginning boosts our energy and inspires us to try out new ideas. And here we are at the beginning of a brand new term… Welcome, all! We wish you all a great term!

It’s been a long time since a new colleague joined the MLD family. We are very much happy to announce that Özlem Albaş Vural, who is quite an experienced teacher in ELT, started working with us since the beginning of February. For those of you who don’t know Özlem… Özlem has worked at Bilkent University School of English Language (both at the Preparatory Program and Faculty Academic English Program) and IDV Bilkent School. Welcome, Özlem! We wish you joy, happiness and hard-working students here at METU.

After giving you news from the department, let’s move to this issue of the bulletin! PDU has prepared a new issue which we think you might enjoy reading. So what do we have on this issue?

On “Columnist from MLD”, you’ll find an interesting article, “Reflections on Teacher and Learner Roles in Education: Lessons from Fitness Training” by Hale Kızılcık. Thank you very much Hale for being always ready to support the MLD bulletin. Your insight is always invaluable.

And we are proud to host on our 5Q5A page one of our beloved colleagues with 24 years of experience in the department. Dear Aslı Gülener has kindly accepted to answer our mini interview. Thank you dear Aslı hocamız for this valuable contribution to the bulletin board!

Upon accidentally expressing her love of one of the Web tools, dear Pınar Gacan, definitely, could not escape from the editors and accepted to give “technical support” for the bulletin. She has explored for us a very useful tool, Edpuzzle. If you are interested in creating interactive listening lessons, you can visit the Web tool page. Thank you Pınar!

For another practical idea, those of us who are teaching ENG 102 might want to have a look at the Activity Page as there is a teaching idea that you may easily integrate into your teaching this term. Dear Meriç, thank you very much for accepting to share your activity with us on our bulletin. 

Feedback is a fundamental part of an MLD teacher. We can’t live without it 🙂 That’s why we thought you might be interested in the article on “Article Page”: “Receptivity to Learner-driven Feedback in EAP” by Clare Mass. Mass introduces revolutionary ideas regarding student feedback in this article, which is worth considering while giving feedback to our students. We have also uploaded an action research by Emily Edwards and Anne Burns on “Action Research”. For those of you who like reading action research, it is a good read.

On “From our Classrooms”, we shared with you a planner we’ve used to plan the new term. If you’d like to use the template we’ve used, you may click on the link provided. Please feel free to adapt it in the way you like.

Last but not the least… Do you know that we have a huge photo archive? You can see department photos on the gallery page. Special thanks to dear Seher Balbay for always taking pictures of us during departmental events and for creating an archive for the department!

And so, you can now start exploring the content! Hope you’ll like it…

We wish you all a great semester!